Clean up:    Depending on the Actual work Required to Clean up a Pool from Neglect or Foreclosure, a $500.00 Deposit will be required to Even Look at this Pool.  Once we accept the Job, The Money will be applied and any additional Payment Will be required when the Pool is Clear. If there is Overpayment even after the pool is Swimmable, the Credit will be applied toward Service or Additional Purchases

Service:    This is Our Weekly Pool Service. We have 3 Plans to offer. All Plans Include the Following:    “Normal” Chemicals to maintain a Proper Balance. Equipment Inspection, Empty Skimmer basket and Pump Basket. Generally Service Occurs 1 time each week. Please note; Where We strive to be at your Pool the Same day/time each week, All Times can Change Based on Weather and Other Challenges faced during a Service Route. We Also Base it on an Average of 4 Visits Per Month. There will be 4 potentially "Missed" Visits per Year. (Hollidays, Vacation, Ect) *Except(Monthly and Quarterly Plans)

Repairs:    A $75 Visit Charge will be required to Generate a Work Order and Schedule the Visit.

Special Order: A Special Order is Something We Do not normally Stock and Will Cost over $20 and May Require a Shipping Charge.

Our Plans Require that All Equipment is Functioning at the Manufacture recommended level. Any Repairs must be made. The Pool Water Must be in Balance. Additional Charge will be Required to Re balance an unbalanced Pool. We Do NOT Vacuum Pool During Service, a One Time Vac Charge Will apply if Requested. Your Pool must have an Automatic Pool Cleaner and a Full Set of Maintenance Tools Available. Equipment Areas should not be cluttered and difficult to get to.

If Your Pool Leaks, it must be repaired. If it is “repaired” by any company other than Our Recommendation, any leak that is not Really fixed will be charged for Extra Chemicals until the leak is Fixed Correctly.

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